1975 Model Year

1975 Laguna Type S-3

Sequence Color
Seat Type Color
Engine Trans SCHED NO.-Date / Dealer Notes
Arlington, TX
06/01/2015 H5R4957xx 73E AN7 13 L 74T 05B-176820 L65 350-2 n/a   (1)
08/12/2014 H5R4975xx n/a n/a n/a n/a L65 350-2 n/a   (1)
10/15/2017 H5R5058xx n/a n/a n/a n/a L65 350-2 n/a   (1)
01/20/2018 H5R4433xx n/a n/a n/a n/a L65 350-2 n/a   (1)
Baltimore, MD
01/29/2013 H5B4948xx 07Z   74L 11T 07x-166475 L65 350-2 TH350 9/2/75 - LEARY CHEVROLET (1)
03/14/2016 U5Bxxxxxx n/a n/a n/a n/a LS4 454-4     (1)
Doraville, GA
04/04/2014 U5D4344xx 19Z AN7 13L 19T 12B-85671 LT4 400-4 TH400 (1)
09/25/2018 U5D4552xx n/a n/a n/a n/a LT4 400-4 TH400   (1)
Fremont, CA
01/29/2013 H5L4374xx 63E AN7 64L 11T 12x-100494 L65 350-2     (2)
Oshawa, ON
09/10/2016 H514884xx               (1)
10/24/2017 Y414560xx         LS4 454-4 Manual   (1)

 n/v - Not verified and/or some paperwork is suspect.
n/a or 'x' - Data not available or not supplied by owner.

(1) Data arrived at via what is believed to be a valid build sheet, bill of sale, warranty card (Protect-O-Plate), or VIN. Last 2 digits of sequence number suppressed until registered by owner. If you own any of these Chevelles or know the current owner, please contact the Laguna Type S-3 Registry.

(2) Documentation supplied by current or former owner. (If there is a link here it will link to a page of the car's photo history/story.)